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2018 Softball Registration


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I, the undersigned, do hereby give my approval for my child's participation in any and all activities offered by the Dalton Parks & Recreation Department. I willingly allow my son/daughter to participate in an age group at his/her legal age of play. I assume all risk and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities. I do further hereby release, absolve, idemnify and hold harmless Dalton Parks and Recreation, GRPA, ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, Dixie Youth, Dixie Girls it's agents, umpires and all other assigns; and incase of injury I hereby waive all claims against the organizers and supervisors of the activity. I likewise assume responsibility for all equipment issued and ensure its return. I do further agree to play for the team which my son/daughter has been drafted. I will abide by all rules as outlined in the by-laws or any verbal rules governing the league. I also will follow any rules or policies set by the Dalton Parks and Recreation Department, including but not limited to the code of ethics. Always keeping in mind that we are all here for the future of our community, the children.

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If you are interested in coaching please.... (Si usted está interesado en ser entrenador por favor)

Register yourself on the coaches registration page, and fill out the mandatory background check.  If you have any other questions after you register please contact Brandon Sane either by email at or call 706-847-0943 for more information. ( Registrese en la página de registro de los entrenadores, y complete la verificación de antecedentes obligatorios. Si tiene cualquier otra pregunta después de registrarse por favor póngase en contacto con Brandon Sane ya sea por correo electrónico a o llame 706-847-0943 para más información.)

Your child's first meeting will be (Primera reunión de su hijo será)


(no evaluations for 4,5,6 yr. olds)

All Evaluations will be at Lakeshore Park in the Indoor Soccer Facility and on the Turf Field.  Please dress appropriately.  Bring glove and bats.  Tennis shoes or Cleats.

Tuesday Feb 20:

Westwood and Roan Street               7-8 yr olds 6pm, 9-10 yr olds 7pm, 11-12 yr olds 8pm

Wednesday Feb 21:

Brookwood and Blue Ridge              7-8 yr olds 6pm, 9-10 yr olds 7pm,11-12 yr olds 8pm

Thursday Feb22:

City Park and Park Creek                  7-8 yr olds 6pm, 9-10 yr olds 7pm, 1-12 yr olds 8pm

Friday Feb 23:

“Free Agents”(Students who attend any other school)

7-8 yr olds 6pm, 9-10 yr olds 7pm, 11-12 yr olds 8pm

This will be a practice.  Please bring your gloves and bats, and dress accordingly.  It is very important to be at this first practice so we can get the correct numbers for each team. (Esta será una práctica. Favor de traer sus guantes y bates, y vestirse apropiadamente. Es muy importante estar en esta primera práctica para que podamos obtener los números correctos para cada equipo.)

For all our recreational sports we re-draft teams each year, if your child does not want to play for a coach he had the year before please list that coach’s name.  Please only list ONE name.